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Our workshops are led by a variety of rotating artists and creative people. Give them a follow and

support their work.

Anna Brones by Julie Hotz.jpeg


Anna Brones is a writer, artist, and educator based in the Pacific Northwest. She works as a papercut artist, hand cutting illustrations from single pieces of paper, which have been used everywhere from books to wine labels to public art installations. Passionate about sharing creativity with others, she regularly teaches workshops, both in person and virtually. She is also the author of several books including Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee BreakLive Lagom: Balanced Living the Swedish Way, and Best Served Wild: Real Food for Real Adventures. She contributes to a variety of digital and print publications.


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Latasha Dunston is an illustrator, painter, and plant lover. She received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts with a concentration in Scientific and Medical Illustration. When she is not in the studio, she is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, tending to her plants, hiking and camping , or traveling to somewhere new. Her love of the outdoors is a vital part of my identity and I try and share that passion with as many as I can to help show that the outdoors is for everyone.


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Julie A Hotz (she/they) is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, visual artist, union camera operator, graphic designer, and writer, based in California. Her love and practice of so many visual and storytelling mediums has brought her to the multimedia space in which she seeks to combine mediums in a variety of ways, use color, expand upon the human experience, and connect with others.


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Roshni Robert is an artist and floral designer. She approaches painting and floral work in much the same way, always drawn first to color. She has favorites like everyone does, but the longer that she works with them, the more interested she becomes in odd pairings and seeing something work out unexpectedly. 


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Andrea “Slu” (she/her) is an artist and educator from Denver, Colorado. Fascinated by how learning is impacted by Creativity, her art and teaching processes are fueled by this curious study. Whether in creating or riding, Andrea connects her various “flow experiences” through her plein air sketchbook drawings, snowboarding, studio collaborations, and sharing Creativity with her students. Deeply inspired by these landscapes, she uses her voice to inspire others to embrace what makes them Creative & to get outside and PLAY! 


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KerriStebbins_OR Coast headshot.jpeg


Kerri Anne Stebbins (she/her) is a writer and conservationARTtist based in the mountains of Central Idaho. A fan of stories of all sizes and types, Kerri wrote her first play in the 5th grade—an amusing adaptation of an R.L. Stine story. Since then she's centered her life on words, writing and devouring them in equal measure and at every opportunity. After studying English Literature in college, Kerri dove into the business realm of writing; she's been a freelance writer and editor since 2004 and a book marketer for an independent publishing house since 2016. In 2021, she co-founded an artists collective and retail space in her little mountain town. That she gets paid to help people tell their stories and share their art will never stop feeling like a dream. A published poet and self-taught watercolorist with (arguably way too) many manuscripts and paintings in progress, Kerri can't wait to facilitate creativity and connection through consistency and a shared commitment to helping each other unearth our best and unruliest stories. When she isn't writing, Kerri is most likely swimming in cold water or painting with her feet in an alpine lake.

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