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October Creativity Prompts

New month, new prompts in the 2022 Words for Creating and Being series.

October marks the month of Inktober, a popular challenge to encourage a daily drawing habit. Many artists put together prompt lists and a few years ago I followed one by Swedish illustrator Maja Säfström. It was so fun that when the month came to an end I wanted to keep going, so I started my own list of prompts. I've been making monthly lists of prompts ever since. This year's prompts are called the Words for Creating and Being, simple one-word prompts that can either be used to spark a drawing, a poem, or a painting, or maybe they are used to spark a conversation, a new thought.

They can be used however you want, but if you are considering taking part in #inktober, I hope you'll consider using these!


1. embark 2. welcome 3. rust 4. unexpected 5. weather 6. thread 7. surface 8. overlap 9. slow 10. flame 11. touch 12. fold 13. expect 14. minuscule 15. color 16. calm 17. slick 18. spontaneous 19. burst 20. spin 21. combine 22. wander 23. cycle 24. invigorate 25. beyond 26. migrate 27. reveal 28. boundary 29. sway 30. turn 31. remember


What happens when we sit with a word? When we unpack it? When we investigate every single letter? When we consider what’s behind the definition? That’s what these words are for. They are intended to create space for contemplation, they are an ask for you to invest time in the creative process in all of its forms.

You can find previous monthly lists of prompts here.

Share what you make! Tag @creativefuelcollective and use the hashtag #creativefuelprompts on Instagram so we can see what everyone is making.

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