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Collaboration and community are essential for creativity, and gathering together is a way to learn and exchange. It’s also a way to invest in our own creativity, and to give ourselves permission to be creative. Creativity flourishes when we are well rested, well fed, and connecting with people and the world around us, and gathering together in a retreat allows for all of those things to seamlessly come together. Above all, a retreat offers some breathing room, a chance to disconnect from the requirements of everyday life and plug back into our creative selves.
Anna Brones has experience in crafting multi-day retreats and workshops, programming with creativity in mind. Here are some of her past retreats.

Adventure Art with Swift Adventure Co

Swift Adventure Co. is a field institute for adventure seekers, a guide company built around bicycles. Adventure Art is a four-day creativity and art retreat on two wheels, held in both the San Juan Islands and on the Olympic Peninsula. Armed with an Art Toolkit in our bicycle bags, we explore and use the Pacific Northwest as our creative inspiration. The retreat is built to focus on art skills that help us shift our perspective, whether we’re traveling or at home.

Awaken with Hello Soul

Together with Sara Close, Anna created and produced Awaken with Hello Soul, a creative immersion retreat centered around yoga and (re)igniting creative practice. Each day featured yoga sessions, guided meditations, and creative prompts and activities geared towards encouraging participants to tap into their own creative process. Hosted at Dancing Spirit Ranch near Whitefish, Montana, this stunning setting allowed for a retreat of centering and grounding, full of nourishing communal meals and restorative time in nature.

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