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We all know that spark of inspiration that easily happens when we go somewhere out of the ordinary, or feel like we're doing something for the first time. Do we need that sense of newness to spark creativity, and what do we do if we can't find it?

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We share traits with every single human on this planet. But often our differences define us more than our commonalities. In this episode we explore our empathetic potential, and how art just might be a bridge for creating better connection.

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Solitude can help the creative process flourish, but how can time alone be generative and not just lonely? In this episode we dive into what spending time alone means for ourselves, our creativity, and our connections to the communities around us. 

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Creative flow is a desirable, but often elusive state. Many of us crave those moments where it feels like everything just comes together and we’re in the zone. But how exactly do we get there? In this episode we take a look at the science behind flow, what it can do for us, and how we can facilitate more of it in our everyday lives.

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There are moments in our lives when we are stopped in our tracks. We may lose someone, we may experience a great change in our lives. Or we may be in a moment where we struggle to find the drive to create like we want to. What do we do when we’re in that place?

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In a darker, slower season, our bodies crave rest. This time of year can be particularly difficult for working artists, and whether or not we make a living from our creative pursuits, we can often feel the need for a slower pace. But in the midst of systemic forces, how do we take care of ourselves?


Creative Fuel is made possible thanks to the support of Big Cartel and

Creative Fuel Collective members. 

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